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Soil Testing from Hopatcong, New Jersey

Providing professional soil testing, Bombardieri Lawn Care LLC of Hopatcong, New Jersey, is the best choice when it comes to lawn care and yard service providers.

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Not all soil is the same, and often the way a lawn or yard grows is directly related to the types and amounts of minerals found in the soil. Our company provides soil testing services and custom yard care plans to make sure the soil in your yard is healthy and balanced.

Working with professionals from Rutgers University, we provide you with a complete analysis report. The report allows us to design the lawn care plan that best suits your yard's needs.

Core Aeration

Core Aeration is a very important step in keeping a beautiful lawn . As we know the soil in New Jersey is very hard and compact, clay soil is the dominant soil in our region. To improve your lawn you must loosen up the compacted soil for better root growth which in turn gives you a thicker and healthier lawn. Core aeration pulls plugs from your soil to loosen up the soil compaction. The plugs break down and put nutrients back into your soil. We over seed your lawn after the Core Aeration to get seed into your lawn for better germination. The process is done in the fall so you have a thicker and healthier lawn in the spring.

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